The Erik Compton Foundation Mission

Our Mission

The Erik Compton Foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness and advocacy of organ donation by supporting medical based research, increasing donor education and the development of youth support programs.

The primary problem facing the more than 120,000 Americans currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant is a shortage of donors. This is why we are dedicated to not only trumpeting the need for donors but supporting transplant research that will increase transplant longevity, and reduce cases of organ rejection.

We have also proudly incorporated youth support programs, especially those that promote golf or its values like The First Tee, as part of our mission to give back to the inspiring community that saw Erik through his two transplants. Whether it is a child that is in need of a transplant or a member of their family the resources provided by local, state and national youth programs are invaluable.

Who We Support


University of Maryland, Transplant Center
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville Transplant Center
Enduring Heart/International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation into modifying pediatric transplants to accept the transplanted heart.
Baptist Hospital Foundation, Miami, Cardiac Research

Youth Support Programs

First Tee Miami
Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital, Orlando


Executive Director

Eli Compton

Board of Directors

Christian Compton
Eli Compton
Erik Compton
Peter Compton
Daniel Gilbert
David Lightner
Jeff Muddell
Si Pham M.D.

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